About Us

We Are “One Topeka Family!”

As we see other communities around our amazing nation struggle to find an identity we know historically Topeka has been the trailblazer of our great country. In that spirit that we will continue to bond, grow, and cross all lines to move toward unity. We will continue to lower crime rates, recruit new families and businesses into this amazing place we call home – Topeka, Kansas.

As a role model of love, compassion, and consensus-building we welcome your participation in this One Topeka Family movement.

As a member of our awesome One Topeka Family movement we encourage you to participate in the programs, volunteer, and  donate so that we can truly be the standard bearer for positive change at home and across the nation.

We're having a free "ONE TOPEKA FAMILY" BBQ on Saturday July 14, at 6:30pm. The location is "The East Topeka Renaissance District", at 809 SE 12TH Street. Our special performance guest is the "Bath House Players" of the Helen Hocker Theater. They'll be doing song selections from the musical Clue. Followed by music and games. FREE FOOD, MUSIC, GAMES, AND OUR AWESOME TOPEKA FAMILY!  Volunteers needed. For more information call 789-861-6673 or visit www.onetopekafamily.com.

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